Sub0 Polkadot

Lisbon, Portugal

Sep 19 - 20 2023

sub0 Europe 2023 is a developer conference for the Polkadot ecosystem, taking place on September 19-20 in Lisbon, Portugal and online. The conference is aimed at Web3 innovators and visionary builders, including Rust developers, blockchain builders, Dapp and smart contract builders, technical decision makers, and students and developers new to Web3. The conference offers a range of experiences, including a Starter Space for those new to the ecosystem, a Builder Space for more experienced builders, demo stations to experience innovative projects, meeting rooms for one-on-one or small group discussions, and a networking area to engage with fellow attendees. The event also has an app to personalize the experience and connect with both online and in-person attendees. Attendees can expect to learn from top minds in the blockchain space, gain insight into the potential and value of blockspace, discover the benefits of Polkadot's tech stack, explore the latest advances in Web3 technology and tooling, share ideas with peers, and interact with live demos of advanced Web3 tools and frameworks.
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