World Token Summit

Dubai UAE

Jun 21 - 22 2023


The World Token Summit is a two-day event that will be held on June 21-22, 2023 in Dubai. The event is hosted by Vostad and is positioned to bring together founders, emerging crypto exchanges, crypto projects, blockchain enthusiasts, investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to explore new projects and investment opportunities. This year’s event is broadly designed to touch upon key elements of the Crypto industry as a whole and regional perspectives from a regulatory standpoint. Attendees will be privy to interactive and thought-provoking discussions about the emerging innovations and investment opportunities in the space. The two-day event will focus on the following areas of importance; Tokenization & the potential of democratizing investment opportunities Dubai’s Emerging Crypto Industry Navigating the Crypto Winter Discovering Web3 opportunities in the Middle East Investing in NFTs Building Blockchain Ecosystems for Growth Token Economics 2023 & beyond.

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